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Is there a subscription fee or is it totally free to sign up and use MyQualityConnection.com?
There is no fee. MyQualityConnection.com is 100% free.

How does MyQualityConnection.com work?
MyQualityConnection.com is an easy and fast way to meet new singles of the LGBT community that meet your standards. Just create an account by entering your username and desired password and click join; enter information about yourself and your desired match and then you will be free to browse singles who match your criteria.

Does MyQualityConnection.com provide services other than matching singles in the LGBT community?
No. MyQualityConnection.com only matches singles in the LGBT community. However, as our name suggests, we strive to provide quality matches and we care about the experience our users will have.

Should I include a picture on my profile page?
Including a picture is the only way that a potential match can see what you look like. This will make receiving a reply from your match much more likely.

How do I get in touch with someone I like?
Just click “Send Message” when you are on his/her profile and your message will be sent to his/her inbox. If the member you are interested in is online, you can also send him/her a chat invitation by clicking the green icon next to his/her profile picture to start a conversation.

Can I report someone who is mistreating me on MyQualityConnection.com?
Yes, just get in touch with a representative by filling out the “Contact Us” form and we will do our best to handle the situation. We want you to feel comfortable using MyQualityConnection.com so never hesitate to contact us.

What if I have an idea about new features or potential changes to MyQualityConnection.com?
Contact us and let us know. We love hearing our users’ opinions of our website and value everything you have to say. After all, we want you to have a quality experience on MyQualityConnection.com and no one is better to judge our quality than our users.